We are a full service photography studio located in Aptos, California on the Monterey Bay just a half mile from the beach. We regularly service clients from Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Benito Counties, and have a smattering of clientele from all over the California Bay.

Area including San Jose, Santa Clara, Los Gatos, Saratoga, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Morgan Hill, Gilroy, and San Francisco.

We work with Aptos, Watsonville, Pajaro Valley, Hollister and St. Francis high schools. At three of the schools, we supply all their photographic needs, photographing their high school seniors, underclass, sports, proms, and other dances and events. We supply just a portion of these services to the other two.


High school senior photography is our specialty, and we photograph seniors from any school. Our studio is designed with a variety of sets both inside and outside to move a senior quickly through an assortment of backgrounds to broaden their range of choice. On location photography is stress-free with the beach so close by. We like the energy of the seniors and strive to capture their spirit. Our greatest compliment is when parents remark that we caught their child's personality.


We start this assignment early on with people. Photographing newborns and babies is another delight in our studio. We have strong feelings about the hope of a new life, and relish sharing the joy with new parents and grandparents. We take pleasure in watching the children grow through regular sessions, and thrill at the photographs that capture the family relationship, mommy and baby, daddy and baby, family, extended family. Wedding photography leads to maternity photography and the cycle begins again.


We know we are in business because someone loves someone else and wants to record that person's essence or their relationship at this moment. People want to freeze their feelings in a photograph. Our passion for this significant mission shows.

We are primarily social photographers focusing on people, individuals and groups, but we also do corporate work, business head shots, commercial product photography, and architectural photography.


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